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The Focus of Our Efforts

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Support Services

Through our Support Services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Casualties of War, and a source of much success for the Heroes we help. Our support services range from partnering with other organizations to further benefit each of our goals, to connecting you to the right people for your needs. Support Services include pain relief massages, alternative wellness programs, group fitness training, and alternative therapies. Get in touch with us today and see how we can improve your daily life or how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

Education & Outreach

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We offer educational courses in everything from budgeting, to insurance, to healthy coping skills. We also heavily focus a good portion of our time educating the community on how we can better help Houston's Heroes and what resources we have available to them. We are trained in suicide prevention and through our outreach program we instill into all those we meet the importance of knowing it is ok not to be ok.

Programs: Programs

What We Do

Making A Difference


Group Activities

Group Fitness Training Sessions
Competitive Gym Competitions
Warrior Church
Art Classes
Woodworking Classes

Individual Services

Subconscious Release Technique Therapy
Essential Oil Therapy
Pain Relief Massage
Career Services
Skills Assessments
Resume and Interview Skills Improvement

Programs: What We Do
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