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Overland Merica: Projects

                                                OVERLAND MERICA

Overlanding:  self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping; often lasting for extended lengths of time. 

-Overland Journal

Our Why

Military and First Responders require resilience to not only be effective in their jobs, but to stay alive. While deployed or serving our communities stateside we are taught to “suck it up” and continue with the mission. This is how we are conditioned to deal with the stresses we encounter, remain positive, and push on to fight day in and day out. However, this thought process does not translate to life after service to one’s country or community,  making it difficult to cope with the new challenges of civilian life.

Our Mission

Overland Merica’ is predicated on increasing resilience and morale within our veteran and first responder community through the therapeutic power of camaraderie, the positive mental health healing power of the outdoors, and the need for post-service education on being self-sufficient through overlanding.

Our Team

Our team of Overlanders is composed of veteran and civilian volunteers who work tirelessly during evenings and weekends to bring this mission to life, none of which are financially compensated because we believe all funds raised should go towards the mission of helping our Heroes thrive, not just survive.


This opportunity is open to all Veterans and First Responders. Please fill out the form below to be considered for or nominate someone for an overlanding trip.



By helping to sponsor an overlanding trip, you are directly contributing to the positive improvement in the physical, mental, and emotional health of our Heroes.


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